Directional Drilling


The company is equipped with more than 40 sets of various types of imported/demestic made MWD/LWD, electronic single/multi shot, Gyroscope and instrument inspection&callibration devices.

 Annual capacity of directional well operation is up to 200 wells and horizontal well operation 50 wells.

 ZPEC directional drilling department is a specialized team that integrated with directional/horizontal wells engineering services and technical research.

 It is mainly engaged in directional drilling services, design, trajectory measurement (MWD/LWD, electronic single/multiple shot, Gyroscope, etc.), instrument calibration, etc. ZPEC directional drilling department has technical research and engineering services capabilities for directional/horizontal wells, cluster wells, multilateral wells, casing hole sidetracking, ERD (extend reach displacement) wells, deep and ultra-deep directional/horizontal wells andslim-hole directional/horizontal wells and slim hole directional/horizontal wells, which has formed technical features in handling the operation of highly difficult directional drilling, thin formation horizontal wells with complex faults, ultra-deep horizontal wells, slim hole sidetracking wells, etc.



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