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Zhongman Petroleum and Natural Gas Group Co., Ltd. (ZPEC) is characteristic of integrated wellbore technical service, integrated drilling engineering service and petroleum equipment manufacturing and integrated exploratory development and drilling & manufacturing. In recent years, the Chinese government’s strategies of “the Belt and Road” and “Go Global” have provided ZPEC with the good development and business opportunities and coring in the business of deep, complex, highly difficult and long-distance horizontal well drilling and completion engineering technical services, ZPEC has driven the high-end petroleum equipment manufacturing industry and carried out the cooperation with many top oil and oil service companies in the world, establishing the international influence of ZPEC brand in the high-end petroleum market.

  • Chengdu Branch Plant located at Lingang New City, Pudong District, Shanghai mainly manufactures the high-end land drilling rigs, maritime products and parts which are mainly exported to the Middle East, North America and other countries;

  • Kunlun Branch Plant located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province mainly manufactures the conventional land drilling rigs, truck-mounted drilling rigs, special vehicles and solid control equipment which are mainly sold to the domestic markets, South America, Central Asia and other countries;

  • Electronic Control Branch Plant located in Chengdu, Sichuan Province mainly manufactures SCR system and well electricity system which provide the supports for various drilling rigs.
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