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  • 2017-3-12 17:38:30Integrated Drilling Services

    Since the establishment of the company, ZPEC has integrated its resources and taken full advantage of cooperative engagements to provide comprehensive turnkey engineering services to its customers. ZPEC now has the abilit

  • 2016-9-17 12:28:32Drilling Engineering Services

    ZPEC has 34 sets of drilling and work-over rigs (10 sets of 2,000 HP, 6 sets of 1,500HP, 13 sets of 1,200 HP, 5 sets of work-over rigs, 11 sets of 500T top-drives) The annual dri

  • 2017-4-27 11:22:25Introduction of Drilling Technical Services

    The company is equipped with more than 40 sets of various types of imported/demestic made MWD/LWD, electronic single/multi shot, Gyroscope and instrument inspection&callibration devices. Annual capacity of d

  • 2016-9-15 12:26:51Overseas Construction Cases And Performance

    ZPEC-Basra Block is recognized as one of the blocks of complicated problems, characterized by high technical difficult

  • 2016-9-14 12:26:59Domestic Construction Cases And Performance

    Nine rigs are in service in China for CNPC Changqing Oilfield, Sinopec Huabei Bureau, Yanchang Oilfield and SCP, etc. Ma

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